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Social Networking Advertising Tips: How to Make Your Twitter Profile Work for You, Not Against You

In social networking advertising, as in everything else in life, the importance of the first impression cannot be understated. This means that you need to optimize the appearance and text in your Twitter profile, so that everyone who sees it will know that your business “gets” Twitter. You’ll maximize your chances of attracting quality followers if you put some effort into making sure that the basic look of your Twitter presence is on a par with the companies who use social networking advertising most effectively. To ask your clients to follow you on Twitter is to ask for a little bit of their time every day, as they read their Twitter stream and see your tweets pop up. Let them know from the get-go that you understand what’s expected on Twitter, and will provide value respect the time they’re investing in reading what you have to say. Here’s a quick and easy cheat sheet to make sure you’re making the most of your profile settings:

Hatch from your egg.

The default Twitter avatar is a white egg against a solid-colored background. Unless this is, by an incredible coincidence, also your company’s logo, you’ll want to change that image to a more appropriate visual representation of your company as soon as possible. Many Twitter spammers and other lowlifes will just let their egg avatars remain, so don’t start tweeting at all until you’ve changed yours. While you’re at it, add a suitable header image. It’s a good social networking advertising practice to have a customized background as well. Many businesses use their Twitter backgrounds to provide the URLs of their other social media profiles.

Tell the world who you are.

Provide a succinct yet informative bio in 160 characters. It’s best to include some keywords here, so people searching Twitter for topics related to your business will be able to find you. Make sure your bio is not just a string of keywords without appropriate linking text, however—or worse, a string of hashtags. The former is more common in social networking advertising profiles than you might think, and this is always a beacon shining out the fact that the company in question has no idea how to use Twitter effectively. Sure, the hashtags might make it more likely that their profile will show up in searches, but they are much less likely to attract followers of quality. The language of your bio should match the rest of your branding. For example, if your image is hip and witty, make sure your bio is, too.

List your full web address.

It might seem like a no-brainer, but a shocking number of business profiles will put a shortened link for their web address instead of writing out the whole thing. If your URL is really too long to fit in the space Twitter provides for it, go ahead and use a shortened link, but it’s much better to show your customers and leads the full link. That way they’ll have a better idea of what they’re clicking on, and they might even remember the link and decide to type it into their browser at some point and to visit your site. It is all part of the overall social media marketing strategy.

And there you have it: the basics of Twitter profiles for social networking advertising in a nutshell. Or is that an eggshell?

Social Media Optimization Company

Peeking Inside a Top Social Media Optimization Company

Psst. I heard you were looking to learn more about what happens behind the scenes of a social media optimization company. Oh, I’ve got the information you want, all right, but it’s going to cost you. What’s that? Well, don’t worry—I think you can afford what this will cost you. All you need to give me in exchange is the time it takes you to read this article. Good deal, right?


A good social media optimization company should be able to deliver high-quality analysis of your business’s needs across multiple networks. What does that mean, exactly? The experts at the company will work their magic to prepare highly detailed reports of how you can expand your presence within not just one, but several of the most popular social networks around. The assessments provided by a high-quality social media optimization company will give you a detailed picture of just how you can go about reaching more of your target audience on Facebook, on Twitter, and on LinkedIn. They’ll show you how to use ads on Facebook and LinkdIn to bring in your ideal clientele. They’ll even give you an analysis of specific Twitter profiles by your members of your target demographic.

Blogging Campaigns

Your business’s blog worries can all be over. No more hoping that someone within your company can write not one good blog post, but a series of posts that will engage your clients and pique the interest of your leads. No more fretting about how much of your worker’s time will be spent neglecting what they’re currently responsible for, to handle on all the writing it takes to provide a large amount of first-rate content for your website. No more in-house concerns about how to publicize all the new blog posts in a timely manner across the major social media networks. A top social media optimization company can take on all of that for you, and deliver a blog tailored to your specific needs as a business.

Social Network Advertising

If you want a good ad campaign set up to run on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, outsourcing is your best bet for getting the results you want. These PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns can draw in customer attention and result in large-scale conversions.

No one needs to tell you how much time, energy, and hard work it takes to start and run a successful business. That’s always been the case, even before the advent of social media marketing. Now that social networks have become a crucial part of how businesses publicize and convert, there are even more distractions and details to take you and your employees away from what you do best as you try to learn the sophisticated and rapidly evolving best practices for not one, but several social networks. Why not get the job done right by outsourcing these difficult and time-consuming tasks to a social media optimization company?

Social Media Marketing Tactics

Some Social Media Marketing Tactics: How to Awesomize Your Twitter Presence

The word “optimize” is thrown around a lot these days, but for many companies struggling to determine which social marketing media tactics will work for their brand and their business, there’s another word they should consider integrating into their vocabulary: awesomize.

No, awesomize is not a real word. That’s part of why it’s a good descriptor for a certain toolkit of social media marketing tactics. Awesomize is not in the dictionary, but anyone who hears it will know what it means. It sounds casual, contemporary, creative, and fun. Those are all qualities that, assuming they’re compatible with the rest of your branding strategy, can be highly effective to draw in, engage, and retain your customers and leads as Twitter followers.

Social media marketing tactics should never result in a dreary, relentless sludge through flavorless advertisements. Your company’s voice on Twitter should both have character and provide valuable content for the readers. Social media is all about connections and relationships, and for a business, this means strengthening the interest, and even attachment, your followers have with your brand.

Writing style replaces all the nonverbal means of communication that people rely on when interacting face to face. You can’t use Twitter to convey the nuances of body language, facial expression, tone of voice, or hand gestures. What you can do is allow your own personality to shine through your words even as you tweet on behalf of your company. It will take time and practice to learn how to do this well.

Here’s one way to get closer to finding the right voice for your brand on social media networks: try to boil down the image you want for your business in just three words. Perhaps you’ve already done this, and if so, congratulations, because you’re ahead of the game. Now write those three words on a piece of paper, and post it in your office near the computer(s) where the social media posts are written. This will serve as a continual reminder of where the goalposts are for the person or people who write your content for social networks.

Of course, it’s important not to go too far with these kinds of social media marketing tactics. Your social media presence must retain a certain level of professionalism and appropriateness. Don’t be part of one of the social media train wrecks that dot the headlines each year.

Your Twitter followers and potential followers will be far more interested in engaging with your business on social networks if it feels like they’re interacting with a human being, not a soulless logo spitting out bland information about your business. Social media marketing tactics that humanize your brand’s message will greatly increase your popularity online, and build an unprecedented degree of brand loyalty.

Social Media Marketing Specialist

Enjoy Some Tips From Our Social Media Marketing Specialist

Do You Know What You Should Never Do On Social Media?

If you’ve spoken to a social media marketing specialist, you may have heard that there are definite do’s and don’ts that any successful business needs to follow on social networks. The stakes are high on social media, as the risk of big mistakes going viral is just too great. Here’s a list of major social media faux pas that your company simply must avoid at all costs.

Don’t invade your fan’s personal Facebook pages by posting directly to their timeline.

A social media marketing specialist will tell you that this maneuver comes across as incredibly invasive. At best, your target will be irritated that you did it, It’s all too easy for them to inform their networks of what you did, and you will not just alienate the person who liked your Facebook page in the first place, but in one fell swoop, you could potentially manage to turn off everyone that person is connected to on social media, as well.

Don’t take advantage of hashtags about breaking news.

This has backfired for big name companies in the past. It’s simply not appropriate to interject information or quips about your products or services into what is effectively a global conversation about something that has nothing to do with your business. A social media marketing specialist would cringe to see this happen.

Don’t accidentally post personal information as your company.

When posting to a social network like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, double-check to make sure that you’re using the right profile. Your business’s fans don’t need to hear the minutiae of your life that you intended to tell your friends and family on your personal network. It’s happened before, and it’s gotten people fired.

Don’t plagiarize from other sources of information online.

What your teachers and professors in high school and college taught you about stealing work verbatim from other places, is just as true in social media, and the stakes are just as high. Your social media marketing specialist will tell you that you’re risking legal trouble, and that in the age of powerful search engines, it is all too easy to get caught. Plus, search engines will realize that you have copied your content, and will penalize you accordingly.

Don’t beg for follows on Twitter.

This is an awkward annoyance for your target audience. Twitter is no longer a numbers game—the number of followers you have has ceased to be a reliable indicator of your success with the network. Plus, it just looks a little pathetic. It implies that your content alone isn’t strong enough to attract and keep followers by itself.

There are many more ways to make serious mistakes on social networking that have not been covered in this blog post. A social media marketing specialist could give you advice specific to your company’s needs, taking what you’re already doing wrong—and right—into account.

Social Media Marketing in Orlando

Tips For Using Social Media Marketing in Orlando

Tweet Global, Earn Local

The famous environmentalist catchphrase, “Think global, act local” contains a useful seed for thinking about social media marketing. Orlando-based companies are fortunate to be part of the community of businesses that, together, make their city one of the top tourist destinations in the world. And social media is, notoriously, a worldwide phenomenon, but what if your main interest is in connecting with clients, leads, and other business owners who live near your company? How can you make the most of social media marketing in Orlando?

State your location, loud and proud.

Maybe you’re already doing this, but you’d be surprised to learn how many businesses neglect to add their geographic location to their Twitter profile. (This phenomenon seems to be less common on Facebook and LinkedIn.) If you’re engaging in social media marketing in Orlando, and seeking customers in Orlando, you should be very clear about where your business is based, right? For some types of businesses, it might even be a good idea to list your full address as part of your Twitter biography, to save your leads on social media the step of clicking over to your website to find out just how convenient your location is for them.

Use geo-targeted Facebook ads.

Facebook ads are affordable, simple to set up, and can target users by state, city, or zip code. They’re a great way to tap into local potential customer bases who otherwise might not be aware of your business, service, or product. Deciding that you want to narrow the focus of what you spend on social media marketing in Orlando can prevent wasting money on showing ads to Facebook users who are not close enough geographically to be interested in what you have to offer them.

Like other local businesses’ Facebook pages.

You’ll want to avoid liking your competitors, of course, but this is a great way to gain more local exposure. By interacting with the businesses your profile has become a fan of, on their Facebook pages, you can make their customers aware of you and interested in knowing more about what you do. A side benefit of this tactic is the potential for networking with your peers in the business community.

Use LinkedIn to connect with nearby business owners.

Another way of networking with your fellow movers and shakers close to home is by looking for the profiles of people who are jointly known as LinkedIn Open Networkers (LIONs). Start by going to a LinkedIn group, type “open networkers” in the search bar, and then join LION groups. Look through the lists of members, then, when you find someone interesting, send them a quick private message about why you’d like to connect. You can use the fact that you are both in the same group on LinkedIn’s connect form. While you’re signed into LinkedIn, you might even want to start your own group about social media marketing in Orlando, thereby ensuring you’ll connect with some like-minded business owners.

Social Media Marketing Consulting

Social Media Marketing Consulting Tips: How Quantity and Quality Impact Facebook Effectiveness

Any social media marketing consulting professional will tell you that volume is one of the keys to a good response in your campaign…right? Isn’t that what marketers always say, that that’s how you keep your customers connected and engaged? Increase the number of advertisements and their frequency, and the business they’re connected to is sure to grow?

In fact, a recent study has show that the opposite may be true on social networks. As social media marketing consulting companies will tell you, is true up to a point that a larger number of posts will result in more fan engagement and interaction. In the second half of 2012 and the first half of 2013, many top companies continued to turn up the volume on their Facebook campaigns by increasing the number of times they posted. At first, this resulted in more fan engagement and more fan actions per post—more likes, more comments, and on the really effective campaigns, more instances of fans sharing content from the company with their own followers. It worked! Until one day, it didn’t. The same businesses were dismayed to find that the number of fan responses begin to decline. Why?

Social media marketing consulting professionals realized that the mistake was in the sheer number of posts being adding to these company’s feeds. When you use social media, how do you feel when one person or business (other than your own) dominates your feed by posting much more than your other connections? You just get tired of them. Even if the content they’re providing is enjoyable, the over-saturation factor makes that person or business’s appeal decline.

The importance of statistics and analysis, preferably by social media marketing consulting experts, shows itself in this example. If no one had monitored the numbers closely, the companies who were providing such a high volume of content might not have realized so quickly that fan engagement was actually on the wane.

If your fan response is decreasing despite your business’s ongoing increase in the amount it posts to Facebook, it’s a good idea to check on the quality of the content and make sure it hasn’t dropped and isn’t doing the same thing over and over. Given the results of the recent study, however, it may also be a good idea to slow down the frequency with which your business posts. As in real life, a good conversationalist will share interesting information and listen to the response of the other folks they’re talking to. But if they begin to talk too much, then suddenly, they’re not such a good conversationalist. Social media marketing consulting experts will tell you that Facebook works the same way. Don’t exhaust your audience.

Social Media Management Companies

Learn From Social Media Management Companies; How to Handle Criticism Over Social Media With Grace

When a disgruntled customer wants to turn the world against you through social networking, what’s the best way to respond? Social media management companies are experts at taking these kinds of situations and turning them around so that the reputation of the business under fire emerges not just unscathed, but is actually enhanced by the experience. Let’s take a look at some guidelines for the right and wrong ways to respond to criticism on social networks.

Don’t respond in a negative way.

If the person representing your company on social media behaves inappropriately by replying to an upset customer with anger or sarcasm, you can expect an avalanche of attention. It will not be the type of attention you want. Keep your business’s tone upbeat, and stay respectful no matter what.

Always reply to customers who complain over social media.

If you say nothing, the message you convey is that your company just doesn’t care about the experiences of its customers. Of course, this is the opposite of the image that social media management companies will try to help you build and retain. This is the time for empathy and positivity, not aloofness or the appearance thereof.

Promise to make it right, and follow through.

Fill in the blank: the customer is always ______. If you don’t agree with the old adage, social media is, beyond a doubt, the worst place to display that. Be unfailingly polite, and quick to making amends when things go wrong. Social media management companies know a secret about angry customers on social networks: the person who’s upset can rapidly transform into your company’s advocate if the situation is handled correctly. This is a commonplace occurrence on social media. Even if your attempts to appease the unhappy customer don’t have the desired affect on that particular person, your company’s display of goodwill and magnanimity will be up on your social media page for everyone to see.

It can seem so simple to make a problem just go away on some social media networks: with the click of a button, you could make the critical comment vanish. No one would see it, you think. No one would know. As tempting as this prospect may be, social media management companies will be quick to tell you that it’s just not a good idea. It’s disrespectful to the customer (and yes, they may have shown a total lack of respect for your company, but that’s no reason to behave in kind).

Every company with an effective social media marketing presence should anticipate hearing from irate customers online. If you haven’t already consulted with social media management companies, try to emulate what they would do on your behalf. Angry customers can actually benefit businesses that know how to respond.

Social Media for Businesses

Social Media for Businesses; Four Can’t-Fail Social Media Maneuvers

When learning how to employ social media for businesses, it’s important to be aware of the tactics that have consistently worked for other companies. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, the tweet, or the Facebook update. Here’s a quick overview of some effective popular strategies.

Take on the role of the trusted authority.

Displaying your expertise will demonstrate that you are a reliable source of knowledge regarding your field. Offer advice to your followers. They will begin to think of you as a resource for information, and will even ask you for help.

Offer great content that followers will be eager to share.

This is one of the linchpins of social media for businesses. Your content should be compelling, so compelling that it inspires those who read it to pass it along to others. Social sharing is a modern cousin of word-of-mouth. Doesn’t it feel great when your customers decide to do some of your marketing for you?

Add value constantly.

The effective users of social media for businesses know it’s crucial to provide customer value. A classic example is to provide exceptional customer service to clients who are unhappy about a problem regarding your company and what it has provided or failed to deliver. Make things right for them, and not only will your response to their complaint be publicly visible on your social media page, you may find you’ve turned a squeaky wheel into a loyal customer who is vocal about why they love doing business with you. Another way of offering value is to simply reach out to users of Twitter who mention that they are looking for something your company provides. As in the first example, you are solving a problem for a customer or a lead. Who doesn’t want to give their business to a company that has a proven track record of looking out for its customers’ needs?

Crowdsource your next move.

Social media for businesses should be an interactive experience. Asking for input is a great way to engage your followers and grab plenty of attention. Yes, you’ve established yourself as a trusted authority in your field—which makes it all the more flattering for your followers that you’re asking what they think. If you’re preparing a new product, why not make a contest to see who can design the best packaging for it? (You don’t have to actually use their design, of course.)

Social media marketing may be a relatively new development in the history of marketing, but it has rapidly evolved and become extremely popular. (As of August 2013, Facebook has 1.15 billion users, and Twitter has 500 million.) Many time-honored, pre-internet marketing strategies are effective in social networking, but it’s essential to be aware of the emerging methods of engaging clients and leads through social media for businesses.

Social Media as a Marketing

Don’t Go Viral for the Wrong Reason; Use Social Media as a Marketing Tool

Social media as a marketing tool is an indispensable component in the modern business arsenal. But if you (or your company) have experimented with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube, you may have found that it’s not so easy to get the attention you’re looking for. Everyone wants to release social content and watch it go viral. Everyone wants to draw in leads and keep clients interested. But not everyone can pull social networking off without hiring experts—in fact, some companies are actually driving business away by misusing social media as a marketing tactic.

Success on social networks becomes much less of a gamble when social media marketing professionals are involved. Your organization needs to represent itself well on all four major networks—Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter. Each of those networks has its own set of rules to learn and best practices to follow. Anyone can set up accounts and start posting, but there are not just one, but four different learning curves, one per platform, to navigate when getting started in social media as a marketing technique. Do you have time to add that to your workload? Maybe you feel that someone in your company can master all that’s required to launch effective social media campaigns, but what if that person doesn’t deliver quality content?

Public opinion can turn on you in a matter of minutes in social media if it’s done badly, even for huge, famous companies with established and formerly-trusted brands. That’s obviously not the kind of viral representation you want. The old adage that “all publicity is good publicity” might make people feel better after they make mistakes—and indeed, sometimes a public relations snafu can be reworked into an asset. But that outcome is far from universal. Social media professionals can work magic with reputation management, and make a happy ending much more likely after any mistakes your company has made in-house while trying to wield social media as a marketing tactic without understanding it.

Social media can easily be outsourced to experts in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner. Do you know how to schedule a week’s work of posts across multiple networks in less than an hour? Much more importantly, do you know what those updates should say in order to draw in leads and make them want to stick around, and keep your current customers engaged and interested in what you have to offer them? Some universities have recently started offering masters’ degrees in social media. That’s a good signifier of how complicated and highly specialized the correct use of social media as a marketing tool has become. For optimal social networking results, hire someone who can get it right the first time.

Social Marketing Companies

Why Outsource to Social Marketing Companies?

Who needs social marketing companies? You have your own personal Facebook account, like nearly everyone else at your company. You think it’s kind of fun. A couple of people at your company even keep Twitter accounts. How hard could it possibly be to translate that combined working knowledge of social networking into an effective social marketing campaign?

If you answered “very hard,” you get a gold star. Studies have indicated that it takes a midsized company 32 hours of labor per month to manage just one social media platform. Do you have the resources for that in-house? That’s almost an entire workweek, just in order to maintain a good presence on a single social network. If you have a social media presence, it’s essential that someone constantly keep an eye on the accounts. An unhappy customer who tweets at your business expects a timely response. If he or she doesn’t get it, don’t be surprised if you both lose a customer and receive negative publicity within that person’s social media circle. Social marketing companies can advise you on how to improve your reputation after incidents like this, but wouldn’t it be better to bring the experts on board before anything like that ever happened?

What if you’ve already decided to give a couple of your employees a shot at working on your social media for a month or two in addition to their other duties? They’re not bad at it, you say? Congratulations—that’s great! Do you think they’re going to be able to keep the content fresh on their own, and somehow find the time to keep up with the work they were doing before they started handling your social media? Social marketing companies can optimize and expand on anything your company has achieved on social networks without their help. And they can train your in-house talent to do a better job with Facebook, Twitter, and so on, in less time.

Social marketing companies bring years of experience when they sit down with you to design a social network marketing campaign that will almost certainly work. Why? Because they’ve done this before, over and over, for other companies, and you get to reap the benefits of all they learned before you brought them on board.

You know your business needs a strong social media marketing presence across multiple platforms. But do you know why? Do you have a set list of goals that you plan to achieve over social media, and a plan for exactly how to make them all happen? Tweet with a purpose. Post your status update with an end in mind. Social marketing companies know what can be accomplished with social network campaigns, and they can help you.